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Curriculum Vitae


Spanish 😊😊😊😊😊

Polish 😊😊😊😊

English 😊😊😊

French 😊😊


Microsoft Office 😊😊😊😊

Social Networks managment 😊😊😊😊

WordPress 😊😊😊😊

Seo 😊😊😊


Patience 😊😊😊😊

Memory 😊😊😊😊

Organization 😊😊😊😊😊

Puntuality 😊😊😊😊😊


Sep 20 – Present
Bachelor’s in Photography 
Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester (United Kingdom)

Jul 20
Photoshop course, MLC Estudio.

Sep 17 – Present
Various courses on graphic design, web design, Photoshop, HTML and CSS

Sep 17
Short course in Digital Marketing, Google Actívate

Jul 17 – Sep 17
Short course in Community Manager, HAPPY SOCIAL MEDIA LTD

Dec 15 – Mar 16
Private course in Comercial Follow-up and Customer Loyalty, Escuela de Empresa

Sep 15 – Dec 15
Private course in Argumentation and Persuasion, Escuela de Empresa

Jun 15 – Sep 15
Private course in Customer Service and communication Strategies, Escuela de Empresa

Sep 14 – Jun 15
BTEC level 3 in Bussines 
IES Ágora, Alcobendas (España)

May 14
First aid course

Jun 14
Volunteer in Hospitals certification

Apr 14
Volunteer certification

May 13
Food Safety and Hygiene certification

Sep 11 – Jun 13    
A-lever or equivalent
IES Jaime Ferrán, Collado Villalba (Madrid, Spain)

Sep 07 – Jun 11
GCSE or equivalent
CEIPSO Juan Ramón Jiménez, Becerril de la Sierra (Madrid, Spain)

Work Experience

Jan 20 – Present
Web designer Freelance

Sep 19 – Present
Founder and CEO Color Azulchocolate 

Web and online academy of organization and productivity
Writing of articles and courses
Social networks and Newsletter management

Apr 19 – Oct 19
Administrative Assistant Race, Tres Cantos (Madrid, Spain)
Administrative in purchasing department
Management of suppliers and incidents
Customer support

Apr 18 – Apr 19
Teleoperator Race, Tres Cantos (Madrid, Spain)
Roadside assistance
Receiving emergency calls
Travel agency tasks (reservations for flights, trains and hotels, among others)

Sep 17 – Apr 18
Saleswoman Misako, Colmenar Viejo (Madrid, Spain)
Sale of retail
Stock control and warehouse order
Opening, checking and closing the cash register

Jul 16 – Jul 17
Saleswoman Aryan Comunicaciones, SA, Alcobendas (Madrid, Spain)
Managing portfolios of large accounts such as Canon Spain (Can provide references, if required)
Remotely monitoring commercial offers
Processing and management of offers and orders
Email management, with an average of 50-100 emails per day
Tracking of clients from the moment of the offer until they receive the material, including managing any incident that may arise.
Commercial use of Microsoft Dynamics Navision.

Jun 15 – Jul 16
Personal assistant for the CEO Aryan Comunicaciones, SA, Alcobendas (Madrid, Spain)
Processing and management of offers and orders
Remotely monitoring commercial offers
Various administrative tasks at commercial level
Commercial use of Microsoft Dynamics Navision.

Sep 13 – Jul 15
Scout Instructor GS Antártida 621, Colmenar Viejo (Madrid, Spain)
Planning and organizing activities for children of ages 8 to 11
Experience in coordinating groups of up to five instructors

May 14 – Jan 15
Saleswoman AVON, Moralzarzal (Madrid, Spain)
Sale and distribution of cosmetic products 

Jul 14 – Aug 14
Au-Pair Hamburg (Germany)
Taking care of a one-year-old baby, as well as general maintenance of the household (cleaning, cooking, ironing, etc.)

Jul 13
Kitchen Assistant GS Antártida 621, Cantabria (Spain)
Cooking for large groups (up to 100 people)
Specialization in allergies and intolerances

Apr 11 – Sep 11
Bakery Assistant DOMCA, Becerril de la Sierra (Madrid, Spain)

Interesting Facts

2019 – 2020 
Drama group No damos crédito, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain)

Contribution in poetry antologie Y lo demás es silencio, volumen III, Chiado Editorial, Madrid (Spain)

Contribution in poetry antologie Y lo demás es silencio, volumen II, Chiado Editorial, Madrid (Spain)

Publication of a novel titled Mamá, yo de mayor quiero ser FRIKI, Amazon, Madrid (Spain)

Contribution in poetry antologie Y lo demás es silencio, volumen I, Chiado Editorial, Madrid (Spain)

Chinese and Japanese cooking course, Moralzarzal (Madrid, Spain)

2013 – 2014
Cultural association Disparate, Becerril de la Sierra (Madrid, Spain)

2004 – 2014
Drama group at cultural centre in Becerril de la Sierra (Madrid, Spain)

2dn prize at cake contest, IES Ágora, Alcobendas (Madrid, Spain)

Finalist of the bussines simulation competition Young Bussines Talents, Madrid (Spain)

2014 & 2015
1st prize at Ortography competition for two consecutive years, IES Jaime Ferrán, Collado Villalba (Madrid, Spain)

1st prize at Photography contest, IES Jaime Ferrán, Collado Villalba (Madrid, Spain)

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