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Wild and free, just like the sea

or How to make your own way

A reader since I was 5 and a writer since I was 9, from the beginning I knew that following the traditional way was not for me.

Although I respect those who follow it, I am like sunflowers and wither without the sun. And besides, I needed my life to have a purpose, although I didn’t know which one.

So I wrote a lot, to see if I published something (and indeed I published something, although like every writer, I have more drafts than anything else), I opened and closed dozens of blogs to learn design and programming, and I studied confectionery because I love making and eating cakes.

But none of those things filled me completely and I began to think the problem lay with me. Until I discovered the multi-passionate: people who don’t have enough hours a day to do everything they love and whose heads are always full of ideas. I felt identified with the description: that was me! And so, I discovered I was not the issue, the issue was my label. 

If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.
Albert Einstein

I left home at 18 to travel the world, but I had no money so I only made it to a town 15 kilometers from mine, and stayed there for awhile. 

kamila notario
kamila notario

I didn’t last long because I’m a little restless. So, after 15 moves and three countries I discovered that I love order, organization, decluttering and of course, moving! Now I write about it in my chocolate-blue corner.

As my environment kept changing, I looked for the calm within me, and I discovered it in the world of personal development. I write about it in my yellow web.

In another life, I surely would have been a mermaid, because my singing scares people and the shower booes me.

But since I’m not a mermaid, I’ve settled a little: I have moved (for the sixteenth time) to the UK, I’ve got 3 cats and a business. I also write, design webs and study photography.

The same love that I feel for sea and cats, I feel for the snow. My life is ordered and disciplined, so I needed some contradiction… If not, how boring everything would be! 

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